Spray paint stripping systems

Suitable for water-based paint strippers


System technology you can rely on

SMiTO-Technic spray systems

Suitable for water-based paint strippers with operating temperatures of up to 90 °C.

Modular design for the highest level of safety and (if needed) customization to the desired height of the spraying chamber. Electronics and paint stripping agent tank in separate "technical module."

Uniform coating of the workpieces through the use of a nozzle system in the spraying chamber, consisting of needle-nose jet nozzles and flat-jet nozzles and a rotatable cage for the workpieces.

High loading capacity by virtue of the cage diameter of 1500 mm and effective interior height of 2100 mm; max. cage load: 750 kg.

Stripping agent tank: 1000 liters for long effective life of the medium, indirect electrical heating.

All parts coming into contact with the media are made of stainless steel.

Easy operation with clearly arranged displays and operating controls. High-quality Siemens control for monitoring the paint stripping process.


Modular, safe, flexible

SMiTO-Technic SM150-210

Spraying chamber with telescopic stacking door opening at the top

Stripping agent tank with plate filters and sedimentation zone for paint residues.

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