SMiTO-Technic, disaggregated by sector

Multi-facetted, modular, and in use throughout Europe

SMiTO-Technic systems in operation

From hobbies to industrial paint removal

SMiTO-Technic in use

The various different paint removal systems available from SMiTO-Technic GmbH are in use in numerous different sectors:


• Metal / surface processing, surface finishing, surface protection

• Metal construction

• Industrial sheet metal working

• Powder coating: Improperly coated parts, stripping of paint from hooks and hoists

• Technical plastic coatings, nanotechnology, screw retention

• Stripping paint from wheels / rims – quality assurance in wheel / rim manufacture and suppliers

• Wheel / rim sales

• Rim service and repair

• Automotive optimization, tuning, smart repair, detailing

• Oldtimer / youngtimer restoration

• Stripping paint from bicycles – quality assurance at manufacturing sites

• Outdoor sport equipment

• Agricultural machinery construction

• Crane construction, construction machinery, gear-cutting tools

• Formwork and scaffolding construction

• Automotive industry, automotive suppliers

• Semi-finished product manufacture

• Tool construction

• Plant construction: Electroplating, workshop equipment and test beds, measurement technology / mobile communications technology

• Remanufacturing / engine repair

• Aeronautics, aviation

• Paint manufacture – quality assurance / technical center

• Paint mixing machinery, industrial printers, industrial printing

• Industry: Systems for applying adhesives and quality control

• Tank repair and reconditioning

• Machine servicing, industrial services

• Textile machinery construction

• Building and construction trade: Manufacturers of door and window fittings, blinds / awnings, lighting systems and lamps

• Watchmaking industry

• Brass wind instrument construction

• Household appliances