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About ourselves

SMiTO GmbH has been intensely involved in the design and development of systems for the chemical stripping of paint for many years.

Besides customized special systems, over the course of time, we have also developed and manufactured a product line of standard systems.

In order to expand our activities in this challenging field, in the year 2014, the product area of "Paint Stripping Systems" was spun off and ESC-SMiTO GmbH founded.

Together with a cooperation partner in the area of process engineering, new concepts for increasingly ecological and resource-conserving paint stripping solutions were developed. The company headquarters and manufacturing facilities of ESC-SMiTO GmbH were then located at our cooperation partner in Geislingen, near Balingen. After a successful launch, ESC-SMiTO GmbH became more and more specialized in the area of immersion bath paint removal. In the meantime, it has manufactured more than 100 TB400 dip tanks. In doing so, we attach special importance to high quality and reliable suppliers from the vicinity.

In order to exploit synergies for the further development of our line of systems, in July of 2018, we relocated our company back to Tübingen. The close cooperation with the parent company, SMiTO GmbH, and our many years of know-how in plant technology make it possible to develop new concepts in the field of paint stripping systems.

Parallel to relocating our company, its name was changed to SMiTO-Technic GmbH.

SMiTO-Technic will continue providing system technology you can rely on.

Recent News

One user of a MTB1000/2B multi-tank system had particularly difficult conditions for the decoating of workpieces. Rectangular plates had to be decoated, for which SMiTO-Technic manufactured a special product carrier. This enabled an optimal loading, but the standard version of the circulation was not optimal due to the high packing density. This has a decisive influence on how many workpieces can be stripped in the basins in which time.

In order to optimize the decoating result for the customer, SMiTO-Technic developed an improved circulation system and installed it in the customer's plant.

Now we have received enthusiastic feedback from the customer. By installing an improved circulation system, one third more workpieces can now be stripped in a shorter time and the service life of the chemicals has almost doubled.


If novel surface coatings have to been removed safely and gently, the stripping in immersion tanks is unbeatable. Thanks to a modular coating removal system, in-house coating removal can be traded safely and economically for many companies.

JOT Int. 01/2019

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 SMiTO-Technic expands its product range with a new Dip Tank with a fillig volume of 300 l.

Usable tank area: 600 x 620 x 650 mm (LxWxH)

Entlackungsbecken TB200

External dimensions: 1200 x 950 x 1600 (1930) mm (LxWxH)

Suitable for paint stripping meia with operating temperatures up to 120°C;

indirect electrical heating, and powerful and permanent circulationg system.

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As we moved back to our previous company location, our company was renamed from ESC-SMiTO GmbH to SMiTO-Technic GmbH.

We're very happy to present to you the new SMiTO Technic GmbH website.

TB200 - Dip Tank for small quantities

SMiTO-Technic expands the product range with a new Dip Tank with filling volume of 300 l

Usable Tank area (LxWxH): 1200 x 950 x 1600 mm

Entlackungsbecken TB200

External dimensions (LxWxH): 1200 x 950 x 1600 (1930) mm

Suitable für paint stripping media with operationg temperatures up to 120°C;

indirect electrical heating and powerful circulation.

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