SMiTO-Technic paint stripping systems

Modular systems for chemical paint removal

Modulare Anlagentechnik

plant technology

Modulare Anlagentechnik
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Erfahrung und Expertise

SMiTO-Technic paint removal technology

System technology you can rely on

SMiTO-Technic GmbH is a specialist in the field of paint removal systems.

Our systems are characterized by safe, clean, and reliable technology for working with aggressive media, and thus set new standards in the field of paint removal and stripping.

System technology for all requirements

Our line of products

Dip tanks

with different dimensions. The TB400 systems and the TB1000 systems are employed for stripping paint from light-alloy wheels / rims, painting aids, or improperly coated parts.

Multitank systems

on the basis of TB400 or TB1000. Paint stripping, rinsing, conveyance of the workpieces, and (if necessary) vacuuming – all in a single system. The basic unit consists of two tanks, but can be easily expanded to, e.g., eight tanks.

Fully automatic spray paint stripping systems

Quick chemical paint stripping using a minimum of chemicals.

Individual special systems

In the event that none of our standard systems is appropriate to your specific requirements, our development team has the experience and know-how to design special systems exactly tailored to your individual needs.

Used systems / rental systems (as available)

The TB400 Basic is available for rental upon request. This applies also to dip tanks (when in stock). We have fewer used paint stripping systems on hand, and they are usually quickly purchased. Please refer to "News" for information about such items.

Recent News

One user of a MTB1000/2B multi-tank system had particularly difficult conditions for the decoating of workpieces. Rectangular plates had to be decoated, for which SMiTO-Technic manufactured a special product carrier. This enabled an optimal loading, but the standard version of the circulation was not optimal due to the high packing density. This has a decisive influence on how many workpieces can be stripped in the basins in which time.

In order to optimize the decoating result for the customer, SMiTO-Technic developed an improved circulation system and installed it in the customer's plant.

Now we have received enthusiastic feedback from the customer. By installing an improved circulation system, one third more workpieces can now be stripped in a shorter time and the service life of the chemicals has almost doubled.


If novel surface coatings have to been removed safely and gently, the stripping in immersion tanks is unbeatable. Thanks to a modular coating removal system, in-house coating removal can be traded safely and economically for many companies.

JOT Int. 01/2019

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 SMiTO-Technic expands its product range with a new Dip Tank with a fillig volume of 300 l.

Usable tank area: 600 x 620 x 650 mm (LxWxH)

Entlackungsbecken TB200

External dimensions: 1200 x 950 x 1600 (1930) mm (LxWxH)

Suitable for paint stripping meia with operating temperatures up to 120°C;

indirect electrical heating, and powerful and permanent circulationg system.

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